CMA's Physician Wellness Hub

Now more than ever, physician wellness is a priority. Together we can create a way forward. The Physician Wellness Hub provides reliable wellness tools and resources to empower physicians, medical learners and leaders to create change in the culture of medicine. The Physician Wellness Hub is a curated, searchable collection of nearly 300 practical resources, tools and research on topics such as physician burnout, depression, peer support and organizational wellness. Information is targeted to physicians, residents and medical students seeking guidance and wellness self-help. The Hub also has material for those leading wellness initiatives and programs. CMA membership is not required to access. What to know about the Hub:

  • All of its content has been vetted by a team of experts
  • It provides a convenient repository of resources, tools, insights and guidance to compel meaningful action
  • It breaks down silos and promotes knowledge-sharing
  • It fosters community and enables trusted, ongoing peer-to-peer connection and collaboration
  • It aims to reduce personal, cultural and occupational barriers and promote behaviours, practices and conditions that optimize health and wellness

CLICK HERE to head over to the CMA Physician Wellness Hub and check things out.

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