Maritime Lifestyle

Peppered with top universities, the young culture thriving throughout the Maritimes provides for a lifestyle of excitement, growth and experience. The nightlife is fabulous with a rich taste for culture and food. The shopping is as diverse as you are with boutiques lining downtown streets and shopping centres looming in the outskirts. There are countless places to steal away for the weekend to enjoy the uplifting pristine scenery. But above all, there is a friendly face waiting for you around every corner. 

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Maritime Resident Doctor's negotiated salary scale is among the highest in the country and on top of that, living in the Maritimes is more affordable than other parts of the country. Check out our Accommodations section for help.

Social Activities

If you are unsure of the territory, don't worry. Maritime Resident Doctors organizes regular recreational and family events. Also, we have some great social events because we know you've heard that Maritimers throw the best parties! Residents are always encouraged to invite their spouses/partners and relax, de-stress and have a great time.

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