Resident Wellness Initiatives

Resident well-being is a top priority of Maritime Resident Doctors. Through our many initiatives and events we provide a variety of wellness options to our members. A look at some of the things we do are below, and check out the links to the side to see more information on specific initiatives.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Maritime Resident Doctors' well-being initiatives please contact Leanne Bryan, Manager of Health & Wellness, at 902-404-3595 or

A Look At What We Do:

Enforcement of Collective Agreement

Maritime Resident Doctors works hard to enforce the resident collective agreement.  This includes monitoring call schedules to ensure residents aren't working too many hours, supporting all residents going home post-call and advocating on behalf of residents.

Resident Group Benefits Plan

As a resident, you are eligible to be a part of Maritime Resident Doctors' resident group benefits plan through Canada Life.  This plan covers basic health concerns like dental, vision and prescriptions, but also other practitioners such as psychologists, massage therapists and others.  Visit the benefits section of this website or contact our office if you have any questions about your options.


Residents are very busy and often aren't able to find the time to enjoy their life outside of work hours.  We plan frequent social, recreation and family events to help residents get away, socialize and de-stress.

If you want more information on our events, you can follow our News and Events link, or contact

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