Professional Support Program For Residents

Doctors Nova Scotia Professional Support Program (PSP) offers confidential help to practicing and retired physicians, residents and their families who are experiencing problems - whether they are personal or professional, financial or psychological, psychiatric or addictive.

Doctors Nova Scotia, in conjunction with Maritime Resident Doctors, provides this confidential support to all Dalhousie residents at no cost.

The coordinators of the program have extensive experience working with people in need of help.  A network of the best treatment providers in the province has been assembled to help physicians and residents in Nova Scotia. These resources are available to aid each member with his/her specified difficulty.

If required, they are able to connect residents with other professionals including psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists and financial advisors that are not affiliated with Dalhousie or any hospital program. Services are also available for partners and family members. All discussions are strictly confidential.

The PSP provides compassionate support without judgment. The goal of the PSP is to provide treatment but also to educate and counsel physicians and residents around the prevention of issues such as substance abuse, mental illness, stress and burnout. Potential problems may be identified by peers, faculty, friends or family. In this event, a concerned individual can contact the PSP.

If you are concerned about yourself or one of your peers, contact:

Professional Support Program

All calls are confidential and will be returned within 24 hours.

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