Adding a Dependent

Who can be added as a dependent on your group insurance?

  • Your dependent can be your partner and child
  • You can usually only add dependents to your plan if a major life event occurs, like marriage, birth of child, one year living together, partner’s coverage cancelled, etc.
  • The bi-weekly dedication for family coverage is $75/pay.

 To switch to family coverage, complete the CANADA LIFE CHANGE FORM and email it to for processing.


Already have family coverage in place, but you need to add or remove a dependent?

Visit  > log in with your credentials

In the right corner of your computer screen, you will see your initials > click that icon > Your profile > beneficiaries + dependents > scroll to bottom of screen to add/remove dependent > follow prompts to add/remove your dependents details.

You will receive a successful notification if info is added correctly and it will take up to 2 business days to be reflected on your policy. There is no deduction rate change as a result of this update. 

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