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The Board of Trustees of the Maritime Resident Doctors’ Benefits Trust Fund established a yearly $50,000 budget (Jan 1-Dec 31) to offer funding to residency programs to set up mental health and wellness initiatives for residents.  

This initiative has been set up to help address mental health issues in residents.

Dalhousie residency programs can apply for a grant for program-related initiatives. Maximum amount per program is $2,000 annually (based on the number of residents in residency program – each program is not guaranteed the maximum amount).

Effective January 2021, each residency program will receive a pre-determined amount of funding from MarDocs' Healthy Resident Program (HRP) for resident-funded wellness initiatives, that would be otherwise inaccessible. 

The funding will be distributed based on the number of residents in the program. By removing the application process, this reduces the on-going administration and distributes funds equally across all residency programs. 

We have created a program to distribute funds accordingly. Chiefs/Associate Chiefs will be notified by email from MarDocs, the amount of funding accessible for the 2021 calendar year. They can then designate one Program Leader who will then manage the funds and serve as the main person of contact for their program. 

Each residency program will be allocated $75 per resident up to a maximum of $2,000 per program, which was the previous maximum allowable funding amount approved.  For example, a residency program with 12 residents would get $900, and a program with 22 residents would get $1,650. 

With the new guidelines, it is suggested, the appointed HRP Program Leader will ensure funding will be distributed with a 50% plus participation rate, with the minimum of 25% mandatory participation, for all wellness initiatives.  

Each residency program has the flexibility to choose the wellness initiatives that best fit their program, pending they are in line with the guidelines for spending. These new changes are welcomed by the benefits trustees who think this is a positive step in resident wellness. Residency programs no longer have to create a proposal for the year and wait for approval or seek approval to make changes to previously approved funding. They would simply get a budget and tailor the program to their wellness, within the guidelines of spending. Some programs may opt to spread the money over 12-months buying on-call snacks for their lounge or hosting small monthly wellness events, while other programs may spend it on one initiative such as a lounge renovation or on one big summer welcome event. These new changes will give much more self-sufficiency to the residency programs in using the funds.

Healthy Resident Program Guidelines (Effective Jan. 2021)
Healthy Resident Program Expense Claim Form
Healthy Resident Program FAQ (new for 2021)


Please contact Leanne Drake, Manager Health & Wellness at or 902-404-3595.

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