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CMPA or alternate malpractice insurance coverage is required for all residents in order for them to be credentialed. Residents are required to pay the CMPA fees at the time of their registration, and they will then be reimbursed. Together with Dalhousie Postgraduate Medical Education, NSHA Medical Education, the NS Department of Health and Wellness and MSI, we have developed a system for all physician trainees 


When you log in to the CMPA site to make your payment, you will be presented with three options. All three work differently and impact how you will be reimbursed:
1. Annual online fee payment
You make the payment now. In a couple of days, CMPA updates your payment record. Obtain your Statement of Account from the CMPA website (CLICK HERE for steps to find on the CMPA website) and submit for reimbursement with MSI. See deadlines and timetable for repayment below. Please Note: CMPA has stated that it will issue invoices around the 20th of the month after the deadline. In many cases the Statement of Account is not being updated automatically. If, after paying, you do not have an updated Statement of Account, you can contact CMPA directly as a member and ask them to update it.
2. Monthly pre-authorized debit
You set up pre-authorized monthly installments on the CMPA website. Your bank account is automatically deducted on the 20th of each month. Please note, residents choosing this option will still only be reimbursed at the two designated times throughout the year. A resident would collect all payment record information and submit to MSI by the next payment deadline (see deadlines below) to be reimbursed for all monthly payments since that last reimbursement period.
3. Annual pre-authorized debit
You register for a pre-authorized single payment on the CMPA website. This lump sum is removed from your account on Jan. 20 (according to CMPA). Obtain your Statement of Account from the CMPA website (CLICK HERE for steps to find on the CMPA website) and submit for reimbursement with MSI by the February deadline (see below). You will receive your reimbursement in March. For mid-year payments (residents beginning on July 1), the lump sum is removed on July 20 (according to CMPA), and you must then submit it to MSI.


Each trainee will need to register with MSI. In order to receive reimbursement, you are required to complete and submit to MSI (one time only) a Resident Application form. As noted on the application form, please include a void cheque or confirmation of banking/direct deposit form. Please note: even if you already are registered with MSI for moonlighting, you must complete this registration as outlined specifically for CMPA reimbursement. Once your form has been processed, MSI will provide you with a unique MSI provider number which is to be used when submitting your receipts for reimbursement on this occasion and in the future. You should receive your MSI provider number within one to two weeks of submitting your application. Please note: MSI cannot issue your MSI provider number until you have been assigned a license number by the College of Physicians & Surgeons and Dalhousie University confirms that you are on the approved trainee list.
Once you have been issued a provider number, you can complete and submit a CMPA Fees Reimbursement form to MSI with supporting receipts to be reimbursed for your CMPA fees. Please Note: Please note on the form if you had a Leave of Absence (LOA) or have an upcoming LOA during the requested reimbursement period as MSI cannot reimburse you for any full months associated with a LOA. For example if your LOA is May 15 – Aug 15, MSI cannot reimburse you for the months of June and July. You should request a refund directly from CMPA for this time period.
If your address or banking information changes during your residency, please remember to notify MSI by submitting a Resident Profile Update form.
The above noted forms are accessible through the link noted below:
MSI Website: 


Receipts will be reimbursed during two periods each year, one for the payment dues Jan. 1 and one for the payments due July 1. See deadlines below. Your submission must be received by the deadline in order to be reimbursed on the specified payment date.
Please note, CMPA has also changed their billing interval for residents from the academic year, to the calendar year. You will now have to renew and pay for your CMPA membership every year by December 31st for the next full calendar year until you complete training. If you are finishing training on June 30th of the next calendar year, you will just pay until the end of June for that calendar year. For any resident whose training does not follow the regular July 1st to June 30th cycle, you will have to ensure your CMPA fees are paid before you begin (or re-enter) training. You will be billed from your start (or return date) until December 31, and then follow the same schedule as above (paying for a full year effective Jan. 1, or less if finishing that year). For reimbursement, you must register with MSI and you will submit your receipts for reimbursement as per the instructions given. You will be reimbursed according to the published schedule.


Yes. In the same way that NSHA is the pay office for all Maritime Resident Doctors, including those working in New Brunswick and PEI, all residents will be required to register with MSI (Nova Scotia Medical Services Insurance) to complete the reimbursement process.


Dec. 31 - Deadline to register for CMPA
Feb. 1 - MSI Reimbursement deadline for re-payment on Feb. 21
June 30 - Deadline to register for CMPA (for new residents beginning on July 1)
Aug. 1 - MSI Reimbursement deadline for re-payment on Aug. 21


If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to MarDocs at or directly to MSI at or Telephone: Local 902-496-7011 Option 1/Option 1; toll-free 1-866-553-0585 Option 1/Option1.

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