Trust Fund

In 2002, Maritime Resident Doctors acquired a Resident Trust Fund from money that was held at the government for just over 20 years, money that was intended for residents.This money was put into a Trust that is now managed by a Board of Trustees appointed by Maritime Resident Doctors.Guidelines have been developed for spending the Trust and the main categories are:

  1. Resident well being. Maintaining a balanced life during residency is an almost insurmountable task. Projects that benefit the health and well being of residents will be given precedence by the Fund.
  2. Resident research. We do not intend the Trust to be a source of funding for basic science research. However, research projects in the areas if education, well-being, mental health of residents, or other areas of interest to resident physicians as a group may be eligible for support. Presentations at national and international meetings relating to these projects may be supported.
  3. Residents in crisis. From time to time, individual residents may face personal disasters. The Board of Trustees may provide grants to help residents in dire need.
  4. Resident advocacy. Governments and other policy-making bodies affect the lives of residents. This Trust can help to provide a voice for resident physicians at these organizations.

To find out more about Trust Fund, contact Sandi at or 902-404-3595.

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