Dr. Kitt Turney Award for Resident Wellness

Award Overview

Name of the Award
This award has been named after Dr. Kitt Turney in memory of her life and her positive energy as a resident leader in the Maritimes. She was a former resident at Dalhousie in the Anaesthesia Program from 2013-2018. She sat on the Board of Maritime Resident Doctors where she took on numerous wellness initiatives and represented resident interests with passion. She is a former recipient of this resident wellness award.

Purpose of the award
To recognize residents who make an outstanding contribution to resident well-being.

The following characteristics are sought:
1. Strong team player
2. Respect for peers & patients
3. Dedication
4. Enhances the residency experience for other residents through:
a. Teaching
b. Support of peers
5. Approachable
6. Role model for balancing work and personal life
7. Other contributions to resident well-being

Criteria for nominations
Both nominators and nominees must be current residents registered at Dalhousie University and members of Maritime Resident Doctors.

Nomination process
Nominations must include:

1. Completed nomination form (see below).
2. Letter describing reasons for nomination (max 500 words).

Process of choosing recipient

The nominations will be reviewed by the Maritime Resident Doctors well-being committee, and the recipient will be chosen based on their contribution to resident well-being as described in the letter of support accompanying their nomination.

Award presentation
One recipient will be chosen annually and presented with a framed certificate and a $500 cheque. For more information, contact Leanne@mardocs.ca.


Previous Winners

2019 - Dr. Laura Wade (PGY3, Emergency Medicine)

Maritime Resident Doctors is pleased to announce Dr. Laura Wade (PGY3, Emergency Medicine) is the winner of this year’s Resident Well-Being Award.

A peer-nominated award, the Resident Well-Being award recognizes a resident who makes an outstanding contribution to resident well-being. This includes: being a strong team player, showing respect for peers & patients, dedication, approachability, serving as a role model for balancing work & personal life and enhancing the residency experience through teaching & support of peers.

Her nomination outlined how Dr. Wade had gone above and beyond to contribute to the Emergency Medicine group's wellness, while providing an excellent example of work-life balance.

It all starts with her dedication to the group.

"She has taken on the daunting task of scheduling 15 shift workers, and every block she somehow finds a way to ensure that residents optimize their ability to participate in their own wellness (ie. scheduling them off for fitness classes or family time when able); a task we cannot appreciate enough," her nomination says. "Further she has planned many extra wellness events including a ski weekend and curling. She personally baked a cake for each resident’s birthday, made meals for the R5s in the weeks leading up to their exam, and dropped off extra meals when one of our residents had a new baby."

The nomination also outlines her leading this year's Simulation Olympics team and her willingness to always be approachable for a coffee chat or a late-night email when issues come up.

"It is hard to believe that despite doing all the extras she somehow still finds time to regularly visit her family in Toronto and live her best life. Whether it’s hosting weekend get-togethers, trying out Halifax’s latest restaurant, or planning her next globetrotting vacation, she has done an excellent job of demonstrating what work-life balance can look like."

Congratulations to Dr. Wade for this well-deserved award.

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