Vacation & Holiday

19.01 Residents receive four (4) weeks annual vacation with pay. A Resident who does not complete his/her full year for which a vacation is normally applicable, shall receive pay for the vacation period pro-rated for the proportion of the year he/she has completed (provided he/she has completed a minimum of eight (8) weeks of such year). Any Resident who has already taken his/her vacation for such year shall reimburse (or have deducted from his outstanding remuneration) vacation pay pro-rata based on the proportion of the year he/she has completed. A minimum of two (2) consecutive weeks' vacation shall be granted to each Resident so desiring. Residents shall not be denied vacation due to service requirements alone as long as pedagogical requirements are met.

19.02 Residents shall be permitted to take vacation periods at times agreed upon by the Resident and their program director in consultation with the service in which the vacation will be taken. Vacation requests cannot be denied due to service requirements unless another Resident(s) has already been granted vacation for that time period.

19.03 If a Resident is unable to take his/her full vacation entitlement for reasons beyond the Resident’s control in the academic year, the Resident is entitled to carry over up to two (2) weeks vacation into the next academic year.

Outstanding vacation entitlement earned but not taken at the end of residency will be paid out to the Resident provided the Resident can demonstrate that he/she was unable to take vacation for reasons beyond his/her control. Such payout will be limited to four (4) weeks.

19.04 Recognizing the operational slow down that occurs approximately between December 21st and January 3rd, Residents shall be entitled to six (6) consecutive days off between those two dates. One of these days must be either December 25 or January 1. The six (6) consecutive days represent a consolidation of three (3) statutory holidays (Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day) and three (3) regular days off. These days off shall not be deducted from the Residents’ regular vacation entitlement outlined in Article 19.01. These days off shall not be considered vacation leave for the purpose of Article 17.04 regarding the pro-rating of call when a vacation leave is taken during any twenty-eight (28) day period.

19.05 Residents shall be entitled to a holiday with pay on the following statutory holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Natal Day (or local equivalent)
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Remembrance Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

And any other day declared as a statutory holiday by the Province in which the Resident is providing a service.

If a paid holiday falls or is observed during the vacation leave of a Resident the Resident will become entitled to an extra day of paid leave to be taken at a time as determined by the Resident and the Program Director.

19.06 A Resident who is required to work on a holiday is entitled to time off without loss of salary equivalent to the amount of time worked by him/her on that day. A Resident will be considered to have been required to work on a holiday if he or she has worked at any time during the twenty-four (24) hours of the day on which the holiday falls. Such time off shall be taken within sixty (60) days of the holiday worked and at a time agreed upon by the Resident and the program director.

19.07 A Resident may take days off duty in lieu of Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas, and Boxing Day in order to observe a holy day of his/her own faith. The Resident is responsible for notifying the program director of the Resident’s own Program of those days to be taken well in advance of the time they are taken. A Resident utilizing this provision is not entitled to receive paid holiday time in excess of any other Resident.

19.08 (a) If a Resident takes days off in lieu of the days in Article 19.04 to observe a holy day of his/her own faith, the Resident is eligible to take three (3) days of the in lieu days, plus three (3) regular days off for six (6) consecutive days off provided the Resident does not take six (6) consecutive days off under Article 19.04.

(b) A request for days off pursuant to Article 19.08(a) shall be made by the Resident ninety (90) days in advance of the desired days off. The Resident will provide two options for six (6) consecutive days off and the Employer will grant one or the other option.

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