Joint Consultation Committee

6.01 The parties agree to the continuation of a Joint Consultation Committee (the Committee) to be composed of three (3) representatives of the Employer and three (3) representatives of Maritime Resident Doctors.

The Joint  Consultation Committee shall be responsible for investigating complaints which have been addressed without resolution at the level of the individual teaching hospital, including, but not limited to:

a) parking facilities;
b) lounge, lockers, and on-call facilities when they are alleged to be substandard;
c) hospital library facilities;
d) suitability of accommodations provided by teaching hospitals pursuant to Article 20.02; and
e) other matters related to working conditions which are not specifically addressed in this collective agreement.

6.02 Where such complaints are well-founded, the Committee will make representation to the teaching hospitals concerned through the Nova Scotia Health Authority, in an attempt to have such problems resolved. The Committee will be advised of the disposition of each complaint that is brought to its attention.

6.03 The Committee will meet monthly or less often as required, to discuss items of mutual concern to the parties. Such meetings may occur face-to-face, by teleconference, or other similar means

6.04 Matters which do not qualify as a grievance as defined in Article 11 shall be dealt with through the Committee.

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