20.01 On-Call Facilities

The Employers shall make available a duty-room for each Resident required to stay in-hospital for overnight call duties. The room shall be within reasonable proximity to the hospital area covered by the Resident. It must contain a telephone, desk, chair, lamp and bed (box spring and mattress). It shall have daily housekeeping services provided (cleaning, towels, linen changes). In addition, there must be a washroom containing a sink, mirror, and razor outlet. A shower or bathtub and toilets for the exclusive use of the

Resident (and not the public or other hospital employees) shall be located in the immediate vicinity. The room must be securable by the Resident.

The Employers shall make a reasonable attempt to meet these standards.  If any new teaching hospitals are built, the above standards shall be provided.

20.02 Housing Accommodations

The Employers agree to ensure that accommodations are secure, clean, completely equipped with modern amenities, and conducive to learning.

20.03 Lounge Facilities

Each Employer shall have a lounge appropriately outfitted and available to Residents on a priority basis at each major academic site.

20.04 Lockers

Each Employer shall provide each Resident with a full securable locker in a location readily accessible on a twenty-four (24) hour basis. Lock to be provided by the Resident.

20.05 Library Facilities

Library facilities of the Employers shall be reasonably accessible on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.

20.06 Computer Access

The Employer shall endeavour to provide 24 (twenty-four) hour access for Residents to a computer with Internet, Power Point and word processing capabilities.

20.07 (a) Lab Coats

Upon request, up to four (4) new lab coats will be provided by the Nova Scotia Health Authority to first-year Residents on or before their first day of duty. Lab coats will be replaced by the Nova Scotia Health Authority when no longer serviceable and will be laundered at no charge to the Resident.

20.07 (b) Operating Room Greens

Operating scrubs will be made readily accessible to all residents in accordance with hospital policy.

20.08 Health Services

Health services such as immunizations, serology, Mantoux testing and prophylaxis for infectious contacts shall be made available by the Employer to Residents at no charge when recommended by a Canadian public health authority or a hospital.

20.09 The Employer agrees to cost share with Maritime Resident Doctors programs in support of Resident well being. The total cost to the employer will be no greater than
$1,500.00 per calendar year.

20.10 Resident Safety

The Employer agrees to work responsibly towards providing a safe work environment for Residents, which includes hospital parking lots. Security personnel of the Employer shall be available to escort any Resident concerned for his/her safety to and from the hospital parking site. Should Maritime Resident Doctors have a concern about the safety of any Resident, Maritime Resident Doctors may notify the Employer in writing of its concern and the Employer shall meet with Maritime Resident Doctors within two weeks in a Joint Consultation Committee meeting as per Article 6. The Employer agrees to make reasonable efforts to address any concern regarding Resident safety raised by Maritime Resident Doctors. Over the course of this agreement, the Employer agrees to work with Maritime Resident Doctors to study and implement a safer means of travel for residents going to distributive learning sites.

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