12.01 No Resident shall be disciplined, suspended or  dismissed from clinical responsibilities by an Employer without just cause. The burden of proving just cause rests with the Employer.

12.02 Where a Resident is suspended, or dismissed, the Employer shall within ten (10) days of the suspension or dismissal, notify the Resident and Maritime Resident Doctors in writing by Registered Mail or personal service, of the reason for the suspension or dismissal. In subsequent grievance procedures, including arbitration, the Employer shall be limited to such written reasons provided that this clause shall not restrict the reliance upon the previous record of the Resident by the Employer.

12.03 Any Resident who feels aggrieved by the actions of a teaching hospital under this Article shall have the right to file a grievance in accordance with Article 11.01. An arbitrator or arbitration board established to deal with this grievance has the power to substitute any other penalty or discipline that to the arbitrator or arbitration board seems just and reasonable in the circumstances.

12.04 Nothing in this Article shall affect the right of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine to release, or otherwise deal with, a Resident on academic grounds. If a resident is terminated for non-academic grounds, he or she shall be notified in accordance with Article 12.02.

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