Continuation of Services

9.01 Each Resident agrees to continue to provide services as a Resident to a reasonable level of competency for Residents in the Maritime Provinces for the duration of this Agreement or until their normal term as Resident as set out in the Dalhousie program expires. Each Resident as well as Maritime Resident Doctors hereby agree that they shall not withdraw service or take part in any other concerted activity (such as slowdowns, multiple resignations, work-to-rule, or other work actions affecting the operation of the teaching hospitals) for any reason whatsoever during the period that this contract remains in effect.

9.02 Nothing in this Article affects the right of an individual Resident to withdraw
from the Dalhousie University Postgraduate Medical Education program provided he/she can establish that the withdrawal/resignation is genuinely founded and does not constitute a concerted action prohibited under Article 9.01.

9.03 There shall be no lockout by the Employer during the term of this Collective Agreement.

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