Maritime Resident Doctors Board

The Executive Board of Maritime Resident Doctors is elected by members of the association at the Annual General Meeting. There are currently eight Executive positions. Members elect the Maritime Resident Doctors Executive Board each year at the Annual General Meeting held after orientation in the summer.

Also elected are four surgical representatives, eight medical representatives and a representative from each of the seven family medicine training sites outside of Halifax as well as two from the Halifax family medicine site, also sit on the Board. The off-site board members are liaisons for the many organizations and government bodies that we are associated with in the Maritimes. They are also instrumental in relaying communication and planning well-being events at their respective sites.

Board meetings are held, with some exception, on the first Tuesday of each month in the Maritime Resident Doctors office in the Halifax Professional Centre. Meetings are catered and teleconferenced from Halifax to each of the other sites.

Maritime Resident Doctors Board of Directors 2020-2021


President: Dr. Mike MacGillivary, DERM, PGY3
Vice President: Dr. Courtney Gullickson, PEDI, PGY2
Past President: Dr. Leo Fares, ANAE, PGY5
Chair: Dr. Katie Lines, PSYH, PGY3
Treasurer: Dr. Ian Macdonald, NUCM, PGY4
Secretary: Dr. Marissa LeBlanc, PSYH, PGY4
Negotiations/Compliance Chair: Dr. Cody Sherren, PSYH, PGY3
Well-Being Co-Chairs: Dr. Devin Piccott, OTOL, PGY5 & Dr. Stephanie Fong, FMEM, PGY3

Dr. Samuel Armstrong, DERM, PGY2
Dr. Lauren Curry, INTM, PGY2
Dr. Jacqui Hiob, EMER, PGY4
Dr. Patrick Holland, INTM, PGY1
Dr. Caitlin Lees, PALC, PGY5
Dr. Ceilidh MacPhail, INTM, PGY3
Dr. Tyson Rizzardo, PSYH, PGY4
Dr. Valerie Taylor, ANAP, PGY4

Dr. Emily Burke, PLAS, PGY3
Dr. Marianne Levesque, OBST, PGY2
Dr. Mark MacLean, NEUS, PGY3
Dr. Ashley Warias, OBST, PGY4

Annapolis: Dr. Callaghan Jull, PGY2
Cape Breton: Dr. David McIntyre, PGY2
Fredericton: Dr. Natalie Wallace, PGY1
Halifax: Dr. Meghan Plotnick, PGY2
Halifax: Dr. Brandon Scott, PGY1
: Dr. Samantha Bland, PGY1
North Nova: Dr. Matthew Lowe, PGY2
PEI: Dr. Kelcy McNally, PGY1
Saint John: Dr. Chelsey Brown, PGY2
South West: Dr. Dylan Engell, PGY2

Dr. Mike MacGillivary, DERM, PGY3
Dr. Stephanie Fong, FMEM, PGY3

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