Collective Agreement

Maritime Resident Doctors negotiates a Collective Agreement with your Employer that covers all residents training through Dalhousie University across the Maritimes. This agreement contains articles concerning your pay, benefits, hours of work, leave of absences, vacation, tuition, call, and more. The agreement is usually re-negotiated every three years. Once the agreement expires, all provisions remain in effect until a new agreement is reached.

The most recent Collective Agreement is for the term July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2018. CLICK HERE for a one-page update of what changed in our contract during the last negotiation cycle.

Click on the link below to see the entire agreement, or follow the links to the specific articles for your convenience.

Maritime Resident Doctors is available to help you understand your Collective Agreement. If you have not been able to access these benefits or are not sure if this applies to you, please contact Maritime Resident Doctors in confidence any time for clarification. For more details please contact Sandi Carew, CEO of Maritime Resident Doctors at 902-404-3597 or 


Maritime Resident Doctors' current collective agreement contains a four-year agreement with increases of 0% in first year (Jul 1, 2014), 0% in second year (July 1, 2015), 1% in third year (July 1, 2016), and 2% in fourth year spread over two increases 1.5% (July 1, 2017) and .5% on the last day of our agreement (June 30, 2018). Wage rates for the next three years will be as follows: 

  July 1, 2016  July 1, 2017 (1.5%) June 30, 2018 (0.5%)
PGY 1 $61,403 $62,324 $62,636
PGY 2 $66,375 $67,371 $67,708
PGY 3 $70,877 $71,940 $72,300
PGY 4 $75,571 $76,705 $77,089
PGY 5 $80,659 $81,869 $82,278
PGY 6 $86,100 $87,392 $87,829
PGY 7 $91,288 $92,657 $93,120
PGY 8 $97,461 $98,923 $99,418

In addition to this, residents are compensated with a call stipend for their call shifts. Residents receive $130 per in-house call and $65 per at-home call for weekdays, and $145 per in-house call and $65 per at-home call on weekends. Payments are made on a quarterly basis directly on your NSHA pay.  

Collective Agreement

2014-2018 Collective Agreement. (PDF)

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