Benefits Trust Fund Healthy Resident Program



The Board of Trustees of the Maritime Resident Doctors’ Benefits Trust Fund established a yearly $50,000 budget (Jan 1-Dec 31) to offer funding to residency programs to set up mental health and wellness initiatives for residents.  

This initiative has been set up to help address mental health issues in residents.  Applications can be submitted via MarDoc’s web-based application system found at (link at bottom of this page).  

Dalhousie residency programs can apply for a grant for program-related initiatives. Maximum amount per program is $2,000 annually (based on the number of residents in residency program – each program is not guaranteed the maximum amount).

Program Guidelines

1. The person who applies for the grant will serve as the wellness leader for the duration of the initiative (Jan – Dec: i.e. one full calendar year). The wellness leader will serve as the main point of contact for all communication and reimbursement.

2. A detailed budget is required for spending and all applications must have a mandate to promote wellness in one or more of the following categories:

  • Lounge upgrades
  • Healthy snacks/coffee
  • Wellness events
  • Sports event/team

3. Dining expenses must not exceed the following: breakfast $15 pp, lunch $25 pp, dinner $40 pp.

4. It is encouraged that all program initiatives to have 50% resident participation, but minimum 25% is mandatory. Funds are for residents only.

5. Accommodations, alcohol and spa treatments are NOT eligible for reimbursement under this fund.

6. All detailed receipts (detailed, itemized receipts and credit or debit receipts) must be included with a completed HRP expense claim for reimbursement. If detailed receipts are not included, the expense is not eligible for payment. Reimbursement for expenses must be submitted according to approved budget. Any changes to approved budget, are required to be approved by MarDocs before spending.

7. Electronic receipts (detailed, itemized receipts and credit or debit receipts) are acceptable for reimbursement when accompanied by a completed HRP expense claim. The records must be clear and are of the full receipt (i.e. not blurry or have anything cut off/missing), so that you would have all of the same information as if you had the original receipt.

8. Funds will only be reimbursed to the amount approved by MarDoc’s staff. If you exceed this amount, you will be responsible to pay out of pocket for this expense.

9. Program promotional items/clothing expenses must not exceed $50/person per calendar year.

10. Healthy snacks initiatives will be reimbursed to a max of: a) $100/mth with less than 19 residents in program, b) $165/mth with 20+ residents in program.

Who can apply?

A Resident (wellness leader) must apply on behalf of their program, and serve as the main point of contact for all correspondence, expense claims, etc. Priority will be given to programs that apply for funding to promote mental health in their workplace. 

Once the application is completed, it will be reviewed and a decision will be communicated within 30 days (depending on the time constraints of the initiative).  Once approved, the wellness leader will be notified via email. 

How do we apply for funding?

Residents interested in applying for funding may apply by completing the online application at:

Only one application is allowed per calendar year. All applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the start date of the initiative. The application must show the purpose of the initiative, grant amount requested along with a detailed budget, the number of residents in the program benefiting from the initiative, and any other specific details that would be relevant to approval for funding. 

Application Form >>

Please contact Leanne Bryan, Manager Health & Wellness at or 902-404-3594.

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