New Dalhousie PGME Award looks to highlight Program Administrators

Dalhousie PGME is currently accepting nominations for a new award highlighting Program Administrators.

From Dr. Warren, Associate Dean - PGME:

Program Administrators play key roles in our residency training programs.

As the administrative brains of our collective operation, they work behind the scenes to ensure that all of the essential elements of postgraduate medical education work together smoothly. As such, resident selection proceeds yearly, curriculum is delivered, assessments are completed, re-imbursements are paid, documents and surveys are filled out, and schedules are distributed. In other words, ''the magic happens,'' and newly graduated MDs come daily closer to their transformation into competent physicians.

In recognition of their contributions, Dalhousie PGME is happy to announce a new Program Administrator of the Year Award.  In addition to the accolades of friends and colleagues, the award comes with a $200.00 cheque for the winner, and an engraved plaque to commemorate it.  A permanent plaque noting past winners will hang in the PGME office at Dalhousie. Details on the criteria for nomination for the award are noted on the following pages.  Please think about nominating a worthy Program Administrator today!  The award will be presented at the Annual Program Directors' and Administrators' Education Day to be held on 22 February 2019.

Nominations must be submitted to PGME on or before 11 January 2019.

This award will be given annually to a PGME Administrator who has demonstrated a commitment to enhancing residency/fellowship education as evidenced by innovation and excellence in his/her program and beyond.


Nominee must be a Program Administrator for any of the residency or Area of Focused Competence (AFC) programs at Dalhousie, with 2+ years of service.

Criteria for consideration: 

Nominees must demonstrate at least one, or a combination of the following criteria:

  • The individual serves as a role model for other program support staff.
  • Has made innovations that benefited program administration in his/her own, or multiple programs
  • Is identified by residents as a strong support within the program
  • Provides excellent support for Program Directors through their commitment to residency training and approach to program administration.


Any faculty, staff or resident is invited to submit a nomination. Nomination packages must include the following:

  • A 500 word nomination letter to the PGME Office stating how the individual has met the above criteria and how he or she demonstrates outstanding support of Residency Education Administration 
  • An letter of support from one other faculty or staff member
  • A letter of support from a resident(s) in the program


  • Nominations are due on or before 11 January 2019, and should be submitted electronically to:


  • Nominations will be reviewed and ranked by the Awards Committee.

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