Residents - MD Financial Management can get your finances on track

MD Financial Management (MD) is a wealth and practice management firm with an unrivaled understanding of physicians' unique needs. MD helps clients build wealth and capitalize on opportunities that help ensure they meet their personal and professional goals. MD Financial Management has been providing financial planning and investment advice to physicians since 1969.

To book an appointment with a Med Ed near you, please contact one of the following:

Nova Scotia 
Leah Aulenbach 
Financial Consultant           
Tel: (902) 425-4646 Ext. 5245
Toll-free: (800) 565-1771    

New Brunswick 
Philippe Madore 
Financial Consultant 
Tel: (506) 855-1994 Ext. 5777
Toll-free: (800) 664-2241

For more information make sure to visit the Resident page on MD’s website for a summary of the advice and services that MD provides

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