Resident Awareness Campaign

In 2016, Maritime Resident Doctors began a Resident Awareness Campaign, launching during Resident Awareness Week in February 2016. Below is a list of current material. Complimentary use and dissemination is welcome. For any other requests, please contact

Resident Awareness Testimonial Ads (for web use)
- 2016 -
Gillian - 2nd year Obstetrics & Gynaecology Resident
Hemlata - 3rd year Pathology Resident
Keigan - 2nd year Internal Medicine Resident
Rachel - 1st year Family Medicine Resident

- 2017 -
Caitlin - 3rd year Internal Medicine Resident
Ashley - 3rd year Dermatology Resident
Leo - 1st year Anesthesia Resident
Katie - 1st year Urology Resident

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